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27 / 09 / 2019 - 19 / 01 / 2020
Authors: Tomas Zapletal, David Železný, Igor Šafranko

Ivan Šafranko — Krištof Kintera.
All the ways

Ivan Šafranko (1931) belongs to a generation of artists who started expressing their creativity after the Second World War. At the beginning of his artistic career, Šafranko had no direct contact with the evolution of contemporary art beyond the borders of the socialist countries. Krištof Kintera (1973) commenced his studies three years after the fall of Communism. These two artists come from a different artistic background, yet both share a spontaneous and unrestrained approach to artistic creation. They love unconventional materials, search to explore new territories and go beyond the borders of used mediums, constantly reinventing their artistic creation.Throughout a career of more than sixty years, Ivan Šafranko has sought a radical aesthetic path which has led him from assemblage of found objects to painting on them, from classic figuration to radical abstraction. In the same way, he has explored the most diverse techniques and played with the format, jumping with virtuosity from the two-dimensionality of the canvas to the three-dimensionality of his assemblages, searching to create a hybrid territory between these mediums.

Krištof Kintera creates sculptures and installations using everyday objects – most recently computer components, electronic connectors or mobile phones – thus giving his sculptures unexpected appearance; that of an animal, a human or a plant. A magma of interwoven electric cables and wires turns into rhizomic structures with flowers emerging from them. Kintera transforms science and technology into artistic material and so his works become a strange laboratory in which he experiments with a wide range of natural as well as artificial ingredients.
Šafranko’s oeuvre reflects the most fascinating twists in the art history of the twentieth century, while that of Krištof Kintera lets us peek inside a futuristic world of art, so tempting and disturbing at the same time. Šafranko and Kintera invite us on a journey to the hearts of their unrelenting search for new plastic forms.

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